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3 self coaching tips

Coaching can be a great way if done correctly to find answers for yourself. How quickly you find answers can make or break your relationships, business, finances, health, fitness, and more. Here are 3 coaching tips you can use today.

1.) Ask yourself what you want...RIGHT NOW. In this moment, what do you want? Sometimes just narrowing down what you want Now, can be very helpful. You might find that narrowing down to what you want now, can give clues to what you want tomorrow, next month, and so forth. One foot in front of the other, so to speak.

2.) Take TIME OUT, from your regular routine with a scheduled time out. You can imagine if you have routines, and are getting stuck, or making decisions too slowly, what can happen with a scheduled TIME OUT? Schedule time to clear your head, if possible take a walk. When you come back to your regular routine, pay closer attention to see if you have more information about you.

3.) Have a SELF CONVERSATION. Yes, have a conversation with yourself. Go to your ideal place, to have a SELF CONVERSATION. A place you will not be interrupted. A place no one will call the hospital, because you are conversing alone. This can really help you get more information about your situation.

*Bonus TIP: Do not assume that you will arrive at a final answer when the time comes to decide. The best decisions can happen in the right moment, and all the work you did to prepare before can still greatly benefit you.

If this is helpful, and you would like more information: Happy to help

Luke Wake

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