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Agile Coach Fails #1

Sharing perspective often not heard on a reason Agile Fails. After the learning lesson will follow. A quote from professor Google on the subject of values..."According to psychological research, values are fundamental beliefs that guide our choices and behaviors" Questions: how common is it for Agile Values ( to be Valued, honored, given appropriate attention during Agile Transformations? Does the highest ranking person(s) within an organization value agile? How many leaders are skilled, trained, mentored on human behavior? If an organization does the opposite of the aforementioned, they will stand a much better chance at success. What could that look like?

  1. During the early assessment stage of deciding on agile have skilled professionals on human behavior assess leadership alignment on agile values.

  2. Continue to assess if leaders align on agile values, especially during challenges

  3. Avoid creating silos of Leaders who are not skilled in coaching

  4. Coaches with skills other than agile can be great assets on agile transformations

  5. Do not forget to go continue assessing along the way from a values perspective

*note: We haven't even gotten to the principles of agile yet

If you find this helpful and would like

Luke Wake

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